The basics

  • Born in Milan, Italy in 1979;
  • Educated in Milan and London;
  • Speaks/understands 9 languages (4 of which, fluently)

The Music

  • From 1999 worked in the Dance Music industry as a DJ and producer;
  • Achieved an international name with the release of ‘Trance Unity’ for Boost Records, in 2001;
  • Played at some major festivals such as LoveParade (now discontinued) and Nature One in 2001;
  • Had a number of shows on Internet radio station www.di.fm pioneering the concept of playing songs from unsigned & upcoming talent;

Professional Life

  • Joined JUST EAT in 2007 as Operations manager in the international team;
  • Covered a number of roles for 6.5 including several director positions in the Group;
  • Joined Treatwellin January 2014 where he still works as Chief International Officer;
  • Became an angel investor in 2012 and have since participated to several rounds of investments – see portfolio;